Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography
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Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business

Every Pet Photographer need Instagram, today. But, are you sure you’re using it to the best of its potential? Here’s a detailed tutorial in which you can find the top Instagram tips to literally explode your pet photography business!

Every one of us is starting badly, I know. I myself started the wrong way on Instagram: I simply shot and posted, without having any knowledge of the Instagram algorithm and neither any clue on how to improve my photography to reach the maximum exposure.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur looking to improve your craft or a professional photographer hoping to start or grow your business, the one thing that I hear AGAIN and AGAIN is that you are struggling.  Let’s get off the overwhelm treadmill and start following a PROVEN path to becoming the pet photographer you want to be.

Instagram, today, is a marketing source that every good Pet Photographer needs to master. Social media is a fundamental part of our business in 2020 – but we’re so overwhelmed with the whole process that we can become paralyzed…

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I have no time to keep up;
  • Instagram is changing all of the time, how do I ever beat the new algorithm;
  • Others’ success makes you question if you’ve got what it takes;
  • You don’t know what to post;
  • You’re just flying by the seats of your pants and posting when the mood strikes… which is not even close to consistently.

I’ve been there, and sometimes it happens to me too! I’ve cursed Social Media, stressed about what to share, and told myself that my photography just isn’t that interesting.

But here I am to help you with some Top Instagram Tips to Explode Your Pet Photography Business.

Imagine what you could do simply finding a good way to:

  • get more followers
  • grow your email list
  • connect locally
  • enjoy Instagram again
  • stop the time suck
  • make more money

This article will guide you fully understanding how Instagram works, how to optimize your presence there, how to post quality content, how to improve your hashtag strategy and how to build engagement.

Getting Started with Instagram

The social media era is well and truly underway and photo-sharing app Instagram is one of the biggest hot topic social platforms. I’ll show why it’s important and how to get started.

But first, let me reveal to you one of my secrets: if you want to become a pro on Instagram, as well in other social media and boost your online presence, you should remember that you’ve always something to learn!

I personally started my Pet Photography business heavily wronging on Instagram, then I opened a Facebook page, then a Pinterest account, but no one of them was connected to the other one and, above all, they were like individual beings, not belonging to the same business.


I talked to a friend and she opened me a whole world: I asked her “how will I get more exposure to my Pet Photography?“. And she answered: “first of all open a blog about your business, then connect all your accounts and give them an order…“.

This is why I started my Photography Blog and it was really my turning point!

Ana, my friend, has a severe experience in marketing and personal growth, so why don’t you give her a chance to let you know what’s the right way to start building an online business?

Interested in Starting a Money-Making Blog for your Business?

take a look here, it’s totally free

When you’ve mastered the basics of blogging, then you can start a profitable blog and connect it to your Social Media to boost your online presence!

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

What is Instagram?

Instagram is essentially a camera smartphone app with a social community built behind it for sharing images. The app was purchased from its creators in 2012 by none other than the world’s leading social media network, Facebook.

Instagram was designed to capitalize on the ever-improving technology crossover between smartphones and photography. Year on year new mobile devices focus on their built-in camera functions as a key selling point, mostly due to the increasing photo and short video-led world of social sharing.

Why Instagram is Important?

  • Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world at present
  • It has over a billion users worldwide (June 2018)
  • Over 60% of users log in daily, making the platform second only to Facebook in terms of engagement
  • The platform is estimated to receive over 100 million new image uploads per day
  • Users engage via comments or likes and the platform produces over 10,000 engagements every second

Instagram has huge penetration with the tech-savvy Millennial audience (18-30) who are also the top online spending demographic.

Health, beauty, and fashion are dominant categories within Instagram but travel and food are also very popular.

In the past two years, Instagram is the perfect place to share Pet Photography business pictures. You simply can't miss the opportunity. Click To Tweet

How do I Use Instagram?

Many advertisers and brands connect with their target audience on Instagram by directly earning follows through producing compelling content. This is something that within reason can be achieved very simply at the cost of a Smartphone and some artistic/photographic talent.

Paid-for advertising on Instagram is still brand new and only available to limited brands, with a more public platform to be made available sometime in 2016. When this does become available Facebook has announced that paid-for advertising will be minimal as they want the non-intrusive organic nature of the app to continue to shine through.

At present, the only way to generate clicks and traffic to your other online assets via Instagram is a single link from your accounts home page.  Producing compelling content and earning followers will ultimately raise your brand’s profile and aid in awareness driving for new products.

Getting Started with Instagram

With Instagram’s accelerated growth and its very personal, non-intrusive place in users’ lives, it’s a platform all brands particularly those in retail or lifestyle sectors should certainly be taking advantage of.

Getting started is simple. Download the app to your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Create a username and password.
  2. Fill in your profile information, being sure to include a link to your website in the bio (this is how users will get from your Instagram profile to your website).
  3. Use the magnifying glass icon to discover brands and users with similar interests to your own and that of your brand’s consumers.
  4. You can upload images to your Instagram profile right away. Be sure to include a caption and relevant tags.
  5. You can like other users’ photos by tapping the heart icon.

That’s it, you’re all set to start posting some great images.

How to Optimize Instagram for Pet Photography Business

The average person turns to Instagram to access remarkable photos and videos produced by friends, influencers and brands. Companies rely on Instagram because users are 10 times more likely to engage with brands than on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

In order to unlock Instagram’s potential, however, it’s important to create an Instagram profile that successfully captures the attention of target audience members. By following the tips outlined below, social media marketers can optimize an Instagram profile to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

And here, finally, my Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business… feel free to pin this image for a future look back!

1. Optin for a Business Account

Over 25 million businesses are already using Instagram Business accounts to access helpful analytics and promotional tools. Unlike personal accounts, Business accounts provide users with analytics related to post performance and follower growth. Business users have the office location and hours in a section separate from the traditional Instagram bio.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

Since 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one brand, Instagram allows Business accounts to include a contact button that sends a message via Instagram direct message, email or SMS to the brand representatives. This makes social media customer support far easier than before.

Last but not least, Business accounts can “boost” content with just a few taps. This relatively inexpensive paid promotion ensures that you reach a wider audience no matter what post you choose to boost.

Simply put, an Instagram Business account provides social media marketers with greater flexibility when it comes to creating an effective social media presence on Instagram. Perhaps best of all, existing Instagram accounts can easily switch to a Business account with just a few taps.

Since I started powering up my Instagram strategy, I used (and still happily use) Tailwind.

I am now offering you a free month of Tailwind app, so you can try it yourself!


2. Use a Profile Tracking Link

Considering that Instagram allows social media marketers to share only one live URL across the entire platform, the link in an account profile is incredibly important.

However, many marketers still make the mistake of using a non-tracking link in their Instagram account profile. If the link cannot be tracked, it’s impossible to know how many website visitors or customers were referred from Instagram.

Using an Instagram analytics platform or a custom URL builder like, marketers can see how Instagram users are engaging with the link in the bio.

3. Upload multi-grid images to make a statement

Instagram marketers should design a profile that makes a statement. There is no better way to do this than by creating a multi-grid collage that forms a comprehensible image.

Best of all, when brands upload a series of images that are indecipherable, it can cause followers to become curious. Many will choose to visit your Instagram profile to see the full image for themselves.

4. Invest in a Powerful Instagram Analytics Solution

The only way to know if your Instagram strategy is working is if you have the analytics to prove it. While an Instagram Business account does offer some basic information about performance, third-party analytics platforms provide a wealth of information that is otherwise inaccessible.

From calculating the performing of the tracking link in your Instagram bio to determining which posts resonate most among followers to pinpointing the ideal time to post new content, a third-party analytics tool is essential to optimizing your Instagram profile and strategy.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

5. A/B Test Your Instagram Bio

Sometimes it can be hard to know if your Instagram bio is serving your social media marketing goals. The best way to understand if your bio is effective is via an A/B test. To get started, you’ll need to first select a dependent variable that can be measured. One popular dependent variable is tracking link URL clicks.

Next, create a variety of noticeably different Instagram profiles and rotate them evenly to ensure that each bio is displayed to roughly the same number of followers for roughly the same amount of time.

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Finally, look at the URL performance data to determine which profile was most effective at generating URL clicks.

6. Focus on the Quality of Followers rather than Quantity

Many Instagram marketers think that having a large number of followers is important to create a fully optimized Instagram profile. After all, the more followers a brand has the more credible it often appears. But a quick look at Instagram profiles owned by some of the largest companies in the world shows that follower quality is more important than quantity. There are countless “clickbait” Instagram profiles with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers.

It's the same when someone tries to convince you that, to monetize a blog, you need a lot of visits: it's not a matter of single visit but of ENGAGEMENT!

Social media marketers should focus on developing a strategy that engages the target audience rather than boosting the number of followers just to project an air of credibility.

7. Build a Thoughtful Content Calendar

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram content isn’t really buried in one’s profile. Instead, it is relatively easy to see every post dating back months, if not years. Marketers should be mindful of this and should develop a thoughtful sequence of cohesive Instagram content to create a profile that puts forth a comprehensible brand narrative.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography
Be sure Tailwind can help you also in calendarize your Instagram posts, through a powerful scheduling system that is approved by Instagram itself!

8. Activate Instagram Notifications

Make sure that you and your team are in a position to respond to your target audience at a moment’s notice by turning on Instagram notifications. Showing Instagram users that your brand is always available is a great way to build brand sentiment and increase engagement.

9. Choose an Appropriate Handle

Assuming you haven’t created your Instagram profile yet, take the time to find the ideal Instagram handle. Using a handle that is on-brand is the best way to quickly build a loyal following. If your desired handle is taken, it may be possible to pay the owner of the handle to take possession of it.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography

10. Assign Someone to Monitor Messaging Channel

As a Pet Photographer, you can be very busy shooting for your clients and not always you can chat with your customers personally.

Many consumers expect to receive nearly instant customer support on a variety of social media platforms. Furthermore, the average person will share the story of a negative customer service experience with 16 of their friends.

As Instagram grows in popularity, it will be increasingly important for brands of all sizes to provide users with satisfactory customer support. And since Instagram Business accounts provide profile viewers with the ability to contact brands with the touch of a button, customer service requests could easily come at any hour of the day.

Given this reality, social media marketers should consider assigning someone to monitor incoming Instagram messages during working hours.

11. Update your Instagram Profile Image to suit Current Campaigns

Most Instagram marketers don’t think about updating their Instagram profiles, but doing so can be a great way to keep the profile fresh and relevant. Adding logo variations or designs specific to a marketing campaign can encourage followers to check out your profile more frequently than they might otherwise.

12. Earn a Blue Checkmark to Increase Credibility

Similar to Twitter, Instagram offers established brands the ability to receive verified account status signified by a blue checkmark. This checkmark will give Instagram followers peace of mind, as they are assured that your account represents the official voice of your organization.

While Instagram does not provide the general public with a way to submit a verification request, Mashable has reported that there are ways to get an Instagram account verified through more creative means.

13. Review your Instagram Profile across Devices

Instagram, like Facebook, is a mobile-first company. Before there was ever a desktop or tablet version of the Instagram app, there was an iPhone and later an Android version of the platform.

Instagram marketers should review their company profile on a variety of devices to make sure that the experience is positive and consistent across all devices.

14. Ensure you are Linking to a Mobile-Optimized Website

If you've followed my previous posts about blogging, you surely know that a responsive theme for your WordPress Photography Blog is vital.

I use Ashe PRO, but you can take a look at the free lite version prior to the upgrade, just because you may want to test all the theme features.

Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, Top Instagram Tips to Explode your Pet Photography Business, EMGPhotography
Grab a special discount on ASHE PRO Theme here.

For those interested in driving website traffic from an Instagram profile to a company webpage, be sure that the entire company website is mobile optimized. Most Instagram users will be accessing your page from a mobile device, and providing a poor first impression can seriously hurt your chances of nurturing the visitor to become a loyal customer.

In addition to providing a mobile-optimized experience, page speed should be lightning fast on all devices. One study found that mobile sites that take 3 seconds or longer to load lose over 50 percent of visitors.

15. Add emojis for fun

Instagram is about having fun with various forms of media. One way to do that through your Instagram profile is to use emojis in your company bio. A few emojis can take the place of words, giving you a few more characters to write a compelling bio. It also helps to show that your organization is capable of relating to younger users, of which there are many on Instagram.

Developing a fully optimized Instagram profile capable of engaging Instagram users will require an organized plan of attack and plenty of patience. Being able to measure performance and being willing to make changes in reaction to the numbers will put you well ahead of the competition.

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Last tip: for exclusive hashtags on Instagram made by Pet Photographers, take a look at this useful article about trending ones!

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