The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography
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The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion

Some of my readers asked me how do I edit my Canva templates to post my Pinterest Pins… I have a secret to share with you, and that’s why I wrote this post today where I am sharing The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates that will be super useful in Your Blog Promotion in Pinterest!

If you’re new to the matter, I will help you throughout the whole process… so don’t be worried at all!

Every Pet Photographer needs a blog, to sponsor his own work and galleries and Pinterest is a social media that I found truly useful to me, to boost my blog audience and growth.

Please note, before reading this article you should know in it there are some affiliate links from which, should you decide to make a purchase, I earn a small commission at no additional cost for you. To know more, read my disclosure for more info.

Let’s go on, so, and learn how to use Pinterest to boost traffic to your Blog.

Why Pinterest is Good for Bloggers?

If you’re a blogger like me, you spend a great amount of time writing relevant content on your website.

When you write a blog post, you need to drive traffic to it for a good return on investment (ROI). Pinterest is increasingly becoming a site where people go to read the articles of their choice.

I didn’t realize it truly and deeply until I decided to listen to a blogger friend and read this eBook:

The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography

This eBook was able to explain to me practically ALL THE SECRETS of Pinterest and here I am showing you January 2020 to today’s Pinterest growth on my account following her tips and suggestions:

The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography

I bought Ana’s eBook on January 17th, then started to apply her method to grow… since January 22nd my traffic started growing and growing as you can see from this table here up.

I highly recommend giving this eBook a try. You’ll be delighted with the results of your audience’s growth!

Here it is the special offer I’m giving you to grab a copy of this eBook, but hurry up, I don’t know how much time she will offer it at discounted price!

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This eBook goes beyond your typical Pinterest training. While she made sure to include everything you need to know if you’re just getting started, the eBook contains strategies and tactics mean to help you take your Pinterest account to the next level.

She also includes video training and other bonuses such as:

  • how to create stunning Pinterest Graphics
  • how to find, take down and prevent stolen pins
  • and much more to boost your Pinterest
The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography

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Why Engage on Pinterest?

Like any good social marketer, you need to engage with your Followers. This is true when you want to turn your Pinners into your blog readers, too. The more you engage with people on Pinterest, the more likely they’ll also want to connect with you on your blog, and other sites.

So how do you engage on Pinterest? There are lots of ways to get to know your market better on Pinterest, and for your market to get to know you better too.

Here are a few tips to engage on Pinterest:

  • Pin good, original and relevant content
  • Pin often and consistently so your Pins get seen in your Followers’ feeds
  • Return the favor and follow your Followers
  • Check out your Followers’ Boards and Pins for good content ideas they like
  • Ask questions that are answered in your blog
  • RePin, like and comment on your Followers’ Pins when you really think they’re great
  • RePin industry leaders and other great content your Followers will like

Why Bloggers Need Canva for Their Pins?

If you’re not so good at ideating graphics and not so good as a designer, someone can help you do-it-yourself for free!

Canva is a great tool to do that, also if you’re not a Pro in Graphics Design.

This tool is free with some restrictions and to use some photos you may need a paid plan. If you want to try yourself, here below there’s a video showing you How to Use Canva for Creating Pinterest Graphics to Pin.

I know you may want to try yourself, but I myself, after trying and trying, decided to go for professional design and this for two valid reasons:

  1. I was losing time while trying to find the best appealing graphic and I eventually wronged in matching colors and fonts;
  2. I had no idea of marketing with catchy graphic design, so I ended up giving up…

This was leading me to lose followers and pushed me to search for premades, designed from professionals and good for my purposes.

And, while I spent my precious time writing valuable content, someone else spent his own designing the graphics that I’m now using to boost my traffic on Pinterest (with the results you’ve seen above)!!!

What Makes a Good Pinterest Image?

The best aspect ratio for Pinterest images is 2:3 or 1:3.5, with a minimum width of 600 pixels. Pins look best when they’re vertically oriented. Pins get cut off in feeds if the ratio is greater than 1:3.5 so make sure the image isn’t too tall.

The following 10, are the best collections I found to suit my Pinterest needs.

The Top 10 Pinterest Canva Templates I Use for My Pins

And here we are into the article’s heart!

If you want to share this one with your friends, just pin the following graphic or share the whole article on your social media!

The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography

You see… I have a Pet Photography Blog, but I need followers and audiences to boost my activity and my brand. And you’re reading this because you need it too!

To create pins that generate action, Canva’s Pinterest templates are at 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. While this size might not be optimal for your blog, you can create a pin on Pinterest with your custom graphic and embed your pin into your blog post. This creates an engaging invitation to repin your pinned article.

The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion

Here’s my personal favorite collection: make sure to choose yours!

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The Best 10 Pinterest Canva Templates for Your Blog Promotion, EMGPhotography

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