start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography
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How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast

You’re here because you probably are experimenting issues on how to start a photography blog from scratch in 2020. Well, to be fully honest, that was my problem too in the beginning…

I asked myself “will people be interested in my contents?” and “will they follow me and comment positively my job?“. I’m not a pro and neither an expert in coding, so my only skill is to use a normal keyboard and follow the ideas that jump distractly in my head… 😝

After having followed a lot of instagrammers and pinterest boards about pet photography tips, I must say I fell in a sort of lymbus of informations, ton of tips that, to be clear, are totally confusing and difficult to order in mind.

start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography

So that’s why I decided to do it here, in my first post of the year 2020, just to start with a definite guideline, for me and obviously for you if it can be helpful… so let’s jump into it!

Why you will want to start a photography blog?

Whether you are an expert photographer or a simple amateur, you may want to share with others your own pictures to be known by others and appear in a search on IG or on Pinterest… or simply only to share… or better, simply to monetize your site and photos

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You may ask me: “are you serious? do you really think you can earn from taking photos?“. The answer may surprise you… and I say “YES, YOU CAN!

And to earn money from taking photos is truly possible, and I’ll show you some methods that actually work to do that. But let’s go with an order…

Every photograph you take, whether you shoot wildlife on the African Savanna or fashion icons on the runway, reveals your voice and your unique approach to your art. If you don’t display your photos in a public forum, you deprive others of the opportunity to witness your artistic vision.

That’s a good thing to think about starting a photography blog this year…

A photography blog provides you with a personalized space in which to not only publish your images, but discuss your techniques, gear, and upcoming projects.

so why not to start?

But you’re here to know how to set up a photography blog and where to start from. So that’s my step-by-step guide that will also show you how to add useful instruments to monetize your platform and make it be a source of money also when you sleep and don’t take photos!

💡 PRO-TIP: this article is meant to be a guide, so it can be long to read in a glance. I suggest to Pin it for a second hit... 😉
start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography

Create a blog about photography

Ideas at the very beginning could be confused and I bet that also you, like me in my early stage of creating my own blog, are wondering on how to properly start your photography blog.

You have a lot of photos on your computer hard drive and you wish to share them and eventually sell them through your blog platform… but you’re not a webmaster and are not skilled at all in doing this, like me, definitely.

Let me tell you… having a blog is a fantastic opportunity to gain public, drive visitors to your place and monetize. But making money seriously requires a little bit of learning and patience with doing the right things through the right steps… and then… TA-DAA! Money 💰 from your photography blog.

Before getting into it, let me tell you how I did start: it is possible to make money from photography also if you don’t have a blog, but not that easy and immediate… if you don’t want to start it suddenly, simply because you don’t have time to sit and type some lines of text on a passion you’re skilled with, let me suggest you a website that does the job for you

Dreamstime agency is one of the best on the internet for selling your shootings… they will do all the whims and whistles for you. You only have to upload your files and they will do the rest!

Just to prove I’m not kidding you, let me share here the proof of payment and actual earnings screenshot from my private account details on Dreamstime:

start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography
this was my first year with them – and I got paid on my PayPal account $102.52

start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography
and this is how I earned in total only in 2 months in 2016

Limited offer: for a limited time, Dreamstime offers the possibility to register a small plan to try their features and opportunities.

If you register through this link, you will receive a special discount on any plan you choose. BUT HURRY UP! I don’t know how long this special offer will last!
⏰ See prices and download plans made for you on Dreamstime here...
start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography

But you’re here to learn how to start your own blog of photography, weren’t you?

Create a blog on Bluehost

First of all, you will need a domain name that will point to the idea of photography, whatever your interest is, also if not pets… but portraits, landscapes, macro and so on…

And probably you heard that on the internet there’s the possibility to start a blog from scratch for free… I mean, on free hostings…

do you want my honest opinion? Don’t go that route!

But why am I telling this? Well, I promised myself to be a helper for my readers and my blog’s visitors, also if they’re not meant to be clients. If you’re reading this long post until the end, that means that you’re interested in my personal experience with starting a photography blog.

I started from building my first blog on a free platform, and I don’t want to mention the hostname just because they were so horrific in service that I don’t absolutely want to make them publicity in any way.

Reading the features of their services, you probably would be excited, like I was… and ALL THAT is for free??? Seriously???

So I moved on and registered with them, having previously bought only the domain name, for a cheap price, on another provider…

After having registered, I proceeded to configure my WordPress area and installed my free theme on the database, pointing the redirect of my registered domain to their service. And there all my problems began…

I was minutes far from publishing my first post, after spending two or three hours configuring my website graphics and pages, and… CRASH! The database flopped… initially I thought I was wronging something, and started from scratch again.

Being said that I lost ALL the work previously done 😒, I was very upset in seeing that the same issue happened two times more… I gave up!

Never go for a free hosting provider, never! First you possibly will have some issues more in configuring easy things like a simple WordPress blog, second no one in the market will take in account a professional that wants neither to spend a single buck on his own website…

Websites and blogs can be true marketplaces and can bring you audience and earnings. Start with the good step on a reliable platform.

1. Search for your niche domain on Bluehost

To find a proper domain name is not so easy as someone can imagine… anyway, there is a tool that helps you finding if the name you have in your mind is available… and this hosting company name is Bluehost.

After that bad experience, I registered my domain with them and never had a single issue…

I recommend using this tool to easily find a proper name for your domain and go for registration with them:

Simply type in your desired name and hit “check availability“, so that you can know immediately if your desired name for your next blog is available for registration.

Get your hosting space for as low as $3.95/mo just clicking here.

When you’ve done, you’ll be guided to the whole configuration process for your WordPress blog, with tons of free themes that can suit your needs.

It’s idiots-proof, believe me!

2. Make your photography the star of the show

You might post text along with your images but concentrate first on the photos. According to web marketing experts WMG, “40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.

start a photography blog, How to Start a Photography Blog Super Fast, EMGPhotography

3. Take photos to share daily

The best photography bloggers understand that blogs demand regular content. You might take special photography excursions only once a month, but make sure you use your camera daily.

Take photographs of sweeping landscapes and magnificent architectural marvels, but find time for the little things, too. Take photographs of the things and people you love to humanize your blog.

💡 PRO-TIP: If you're a pet photographer like me, launch a recruit of models, through your friends; this to host free shootings for you to be able to share online your photographic ability with pets and invest on publicity directly from quality images.

4. Try to be original and create a personal style

Many photographers use specific presets to speed up their personal workflows that identify their own style.

You can recognize a Photographer from his pics colors and shades, from the subjects he is used to shooting to and other features that make that specific photographer unique…

As a photographer, you might already have completed this step. Maybe you focus on moody, dramatic portraiture or up-close wildlife photography.

Use your personal style to create your online brand. When people visit your blog, do they automatically recognize the imagery and identify it as yours?

From your compositional preferences to your post-processing repertoire, your personal style describes every aspect of your photography. Try to post images that reflect that style whenever possible.

5. Provide value

Some photography blogs excel with daily doses of beautiful imagery and nothing else, but most photographers add some more meat to the bones of their blog. You might share lighting tips, for example, or discuss the best glass for nighttime photography.

If your style is more journalistic, you might use the text space on your photography blog to express your opinions on a topic (op-ed) or to tell a story about what you saw through the viewfinder. Make your blog space of self-expression.

6. Monetize your blog

As previously said, several options exist to monetize your blog, from running display ads to selling your photographs.

Some photographers focus on stock sales (such as through Dreamstime), while others prefer to sell fine art prints to individual consumers. This depends on your artistic goals and experience level.

While your photos might appear on a separate site, your photography blog curates, displays, and identifies your imagery. It’s the place people visit when they want to learn more about you and your work, and it doesn’t force you to compete with other artists.

If you liked this post, feel free to hit comment and give me feedback on your reading experience or whatever you want! Also, don’t forget to sign up for my Newsletter to stay tuned on my Photography blog’s news!

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Veterinary Surgeon, Labrador Breeder and passionate pet photographer. Blogger for hobby in spare time. I like everything regarding nature and its shapes.


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