How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography
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How to Make Money Blogging For a Living

Really do Bloggers earn a full-time job income and much more? Is it a reality or is it a fake? How much, really, do bloggers make? Is it possible to blog for a living? Here’s my answer on How to Make Money Blogging for A Living.

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

I am a full-time worker, I am a passionate pet photographer and started my small niche blog one month and a half ago… but I’m still learning, due to my curious nature, so I invested a small amount of my money in learning… and I intend to continue because learning never stops!

But being curious leads me also in reading all the other bloggers posts: on Pinterest is full of “Blogging incomes” and “Monthly reviews“. An active mind like mine is prone to dig into the deeper: so I ask myself “why the hell someone earning $500,000 wants to share with me his/her secret?“.

If you read some of these posts you may want to make a difference with my honest review about my first-month blogging (because it’s true, some money flows into my pockets since the beginning, but I still am waiting to pay back the investment I did to open the blog itself!!!).

Why am I telling you this?

Am I telling you that bloggers fake their incomes? Am I telling that what they say is untrue?

NO! Absolutely NOT! And in this post, you can read why bloggers not only blog for a living (obviously dealing with someone they TRULY know about – for example, I won’t risk blogging about food if the maximum I’m able to cook is a fried egg!!!), but also they earn much more than you can think!

Before digging into the matter, please make sure you read my disclosure due this post may contain affiliate links.

Ok so: we made sure bloggers make money with their blogs… but how? and how much?

Starting a blog, for the first month, if you’re normal like me you probably will learn how to move your first steps into the blogging world, and you can read much here about starting a profitable blog, following the steps I myself followed to start from scratch.

My niche is pet photography and I write also partly of personal finance and making money online, so you can try to easily find your space into the web following some creditable suggestions I myself decided to follow by reading Ana’s E-book about How To Boost Your Blog Traffic.

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

But let’s go with an order here…

I’ve watched blogging become an extremely lucrative space over the years, so much so that some people decide to leave their full-time job in order to focus full-time on blogging… is it worth it?

Honestly, reading these people’s posts I was a little skeptical in the beginning. I thought they wanted to convince me to switch to a blogger life so to buy the items they offered into their posts… but lately I discovered that nothing of this thinking of mine is true!

How Much do Bloggers Make per Year?

Starting a blog is easy if you follow the right steps, but having a mentor could be not so simple. So, in your blogging journey, you will be alone if someone won’t guide you. And, like me, you’ll be wondering for help studying and reading as much as you can.

Also in Blogging, to earn money you’ll have to work. Here’s what is possible for 70% of bloggers who are willing to publish a 3x weekly strategic content without fail:

  • Year 1: $1,000 – $10,000
  • Year 2: $10,000 – $30,0000
  • Year 3: $30,000 – $500,000
  • Year 4: $50,000 – $100,000
  • Year 5: $100,000 – $250,000
  • Year 6: $150,000 – $350,000
  • Year 7: $200,000 – $500,000
  • Year 8: $300,000 – $600,000
  • Year 9: $400,000 – $8,000,000
  • Year 10: $500,000 – $1,000,000+
How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

As you can tell from the progression, there is a high correlation with time, effort and money. Too many bloggers quit by the first year, negating all their effort in the process.

I do recommend being consistent and strongly convinced blogging can be profitable if you’re dedicated. So simply don’t give up!

Start a blog following my suggestions, then come back here at a later time to tell me if it was worth it… in this article linked here, there are all the basic pieces of information to start from scratch!

The key to blogging is to stay consistent and keep on going for as long as possible! I always ask myself when it’s 10pm after a long day of taking care of my dogs and family, why quit when I can keep on going? Everyone just needs to keep on going if they want to grow a successful blog. 

Blogging Revenue is a Function of Traffic

For this purpose, I also recommend reading my article about boosting your blog traffic here.

And, also, you may want a FREE guide for being helped in growing your traffic too! Here it is!

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

The more traffic you can receive, the more revenue you will earn. And this is the first lesson I learned on my skin…

It’s not unrealistic to make between $0.01 – $0.10 per page view in many blogging niches across display and affiliate ads. So if you get 1,000 page views a month, you can make between $10-$100 per month. But if you can get to 100,000 page views a month you can make between $1,000 – $10,000 off of your blog per month.

You must consistently produce valuable content so that your readers start following and trusting you. Sooner or later, your valuable content will start getting ranked in the search engines like Google. Eventually, they will turn into perpetual traffic generating machines that allow your blog to continuously grow.

Grow Your Email List As Large As Possible

Your e-mail list is one of your most precious assets. You own the e-mail list and nothing can take it away from you. With search engines like Google, they might go through an algorithm update and de-rank your posts out of the blue. With your e-mail list, you can always reach your audience.

Those who sign up for your e-mail list are the ones who will come back and keep reading your content and who you will build enough trust with so they will buy your products or click on the affiliate links for the products you recommend. Successful bloggers out there are able to make between $0.5 – $2 per subscriber a month. For example, if you have 1,000 e-mail subscribers, you could generate $500 – $2,000 a month. Not bad at all.

But, please note:

You may want to know what is the best Mailing List platform ever…

I used to stay with a free Mailchimp account, then, reaching 500 subscribers I would switch to a pro-plan… but: Mailchimp has limitations on free plans, and I had not the possibility, with a free plan, to use automation for my photography courses and so on… too many limitations… plus, it was not so intuitive to use.

And here comes the pro-tip: go for Mailerlite and you’ll never have such problems!!! Mailerlite Mailing Services is cheaper than Mailchimp (you can signup for a professional and super-working plan as low as $8,00 per month, while Mailchimp is $14,00 – or better these are fees at the moment I’m writing this post!).

Here’s my invitation to MailerLite!

This is a $20 credit to sign-up from me! You can simply bring in it all your lists from everywhere else you’re coming from!!!

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography
Pin this for later, if you need to come back here!

Write in A Lucrative Niche You Know

Remember this: NEVER, and I say NEVER write about something that isn’t inspiring at first to you! And this is a fundamental point: I don’t want to write about anything else than that I profoundly know about…

What if your readers will discover you don’t love at all what you’re writing about? Now, I’m a breeder and a pet lover and passionate photographer, and I write about the pet photography business and how to grow it: what if someone asks something I actually am not in??? When I’ll be not able to answer, my reader will immediately understand I’m faking him/her and will not come back again… and this will do anyone else… in a chain that will destroy my blog’s credibility…

It is something like an atheist writing about religion!!!

Most Profitable Blog Niches of 2020

  1. Finance / Personal Finance – It’s where all the money is, after all.
  2. Boring Product Reviews – You can write endless product reviews on things you don’t even use to earn affiliate income. Just hire a bunch of freelance writers to do your work and you’re done.
  3. Travel / Lifestyle  – Who doesn’t want to live a glamorous travel lifestyle, blogging off the coast of Santorini? I would. The key is to sell the dream, baby!
  4. Fashion – Look good, make money. The higher price the brand, the more you will make because luxury brands themselves have the highest profit margin in fashion. There’s an opportunity for males to get into this category because it is dominated by women.
  5. Health Products / Supplements – People are infatuated with health, life, and fitness. There are plenty of sports drinks, exercise drinks, health pills, etc that can be marketed.

These are suggestions, and you may want to browse about some other niches or categories you’re interested in.

In choosing my niches, I was truly helped by Ana’s suggestions, because I started her course before deciding what to write about.

Evaluate also enrolling in her FREE Course on How to Start a Profitable Blog. I found it very useful.

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

How to Make Money Blogging for A Living

Once you build an incredible platform with a strong brand that resonates with the world, you can really leverage your platform for an incredible opportunity.

The internet is great for scaling. And if you have a brand that scales, then you’ve got yourself a real winner.

Digging better into the purpose of the article, here there are some things you may want to do to monetize your blog.

CPC Ads (Text link ads and banner ads)

Google Adsense is the most common CPC ad network you can join. Every time someone clicks on an ad, you will get paid sometimes pennies, and sometimes a whole dollar or two, depending on how lucrative the keyword is.

For example, “life insurance” is a much more valuable keyword than “hot dogs” because if a life insurance company can get you as a customer, they stand to make thousands of dollars off you over the years. With hot dogs, you might only spend $10 – $50 and that’s it.

I first signed up with Google Adsense, because this solution doesn’t need a minimum of pageviews; but I’m now switching to Mediavine (revenues are higher with this last… but you need a minimum of 25,000 pageviews).

Affiliate Links (CPA = Cost Per Action)

Once your blog gets to around 30,000 pageviews a month, it’s time to really focus on earning money through affiliate links.

Affiliates are products that fit well with your content. Every time you refer a new user to the affiliate platform, they will pay you a referral fee (affiliate fee).

The secret to great affiliate marketing is to find the best products that fit your best content. Because I am infatuated with pet photography, I’ve naturally found affiliates in this niche.

Once your blog’s brand and traffic is strong enough, you will begin to get inundated by a plethora of affiliate opportunities. It’s important to only choose the best ones you use, otherwise, you’re going to seem like a used car salesman.

I could suggest paid affiliate courses, but I myself enrolled in the following one, and IT’S FREE! Why pay for something if you’re just starting out? You’ve always time to invest, but for now, let’s go free!

Once you get big enough, brands will want to tap your community by offering to write a sponsored post. Writing a sponsored post on a reputable blog is also a great way to gain valuable links back to their website. Links are the currency of the web.

Just be careful that Google is not a fan of blogs publishing lots of sponsored content. Search engines want your original content, and not have your site be a factory for advertisements. When you host a sponsored post, make sure to disclose it is a sponsored post.

For a sponsored post, you can earn as little as $20 to up to $5,000 on average. Sometimes, brands will ask you to update a post you already wrote with new information to make it better too. If you are able to rank well for certain keywords, or their brand, then you have more bargaining power.

How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, How to Make Money Blogging For a Living, EMGPhotography

I love blogging because it’s cheap and easy to start and has an endless scale. With 3 billion people online and growing, the upside potential is unlimited. Further, you only need a little bit of the internet to make a fortune.

Make sure to read my tutorial on how to start a blog and also my 7 Tips about websites to submit your blog to for more traffic.

Moreover, I recently posted two articles that may be relevant for you to better understand the blogging mode:

If you want to know more or simply follow my RSS for last blog updates, feel free to Subscribe to My Newsletter – YOU WILL GET A FREE ACCOUNTING CHEATSHEET for your newborn blog:

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Veterinary Surgeon, Labrador Breeder and passionate pet photographer. Blogger for hobby in spare time. I like everything regarding nature and its shapes.

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