how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography
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How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards

Are you struggling to grow your Pinterest following? Do you need to know exactly How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards to Gain More Followers?

Are your Pinterest boards performing?

Adding the right types of boards to your Pinterest profile will help increase your visibility and followers.

In this article you’ll discover how to create Pinterest boards people want to follow.

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

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How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards to Gain More Followers?

This evergreen question is made to me by a lot of Pinterest followers, that’s why I decided to answer directly in this post, due the matter is slightly wide and everything could be not covered in a single and individual answer…

Hope my experience is useful to all new bloggers but also to the “mature” ones willing to improve their Pinterest boards success!

As you already know, Pinterest is a very good way of promoting blogs, online activities and covers a lot of niches, including the one I’m involved in, pet photography, for which I blog…

Please note in this article there could be affiliate links, and should you click on them ending making a purchase, I may earn a commission at no extra costs for you. So be sure to read my disclosure for more infos.

Stay Relevant with Evergreen Content

Boards with evergreen content are important for attracting Pinterest users, and they remain both relevant and interesting to people year-round.

Having a Christmas board during the holiday season is normally a good strategy. Ideas for gifts, decorations and food will likely go over well in those few weeks. Come December 26, however, that board will lose a lot of allure for most users.

While you’ll occasionally get a stray pinner who is interested and saves the board for next year, most users won’t be too invested after the holiday has passed.

Ideally, it’s best to have a large number of boards featuring content that will perform well for longer periods of time. This content will stay relevant, and you can anchor your boards and followers through Halloween jack-o-lantern patterns and stocking stuffer recommendations in December.

For example, Food and Wine’s evergreen boards Best Brunch Recipes and Grilling drastically outnumber Halloween Party Ideas in the number of pins.

Photography matters, a board of mine, to refer to my Pinterest profile, is an evergreen and more people is asking me to cooperate on it… that’s a good result and indicates this board is engaging

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

Long-term, you’ll want both new users and current followers to engage with your pins and follow your boards so they’ll continue to be exposed to your content and share it.

Evergreen boards are ideal for this purpose. They allow you to push out new content to boards with plenty of followers, getting increased exposure and staying relevant and active.

If you curate boards that offer value for longer periods of time, you’ll consistently gain more followers.

Do You Want to Properly Learn Pinterest Strategies and Improve Audience?

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

I’m suggesting only content I’ve personally checked and tested, so that you can be sure you will have the best experience ever from your Pinterest activity!

Appeal to Pinners With Current Trends

Though it’s important to have a solid base of evergreen boards on Pinterest, it can also be hugely beneficial to have a few boards focused on current trends.

Whether you dedicate a new board to gifts under $30 for the holiday season or create a board for your best-selling items throughout the year, having at least one immediately relevant board can help catch users’ interest. Create a current trends board to promote your most popular or newest items.

A lot of companies use this tactic with their Trending Now board, which showcases their most popular and talked-about products.

For example, if you are like me in the pet photography niche, you may know that in this period it’s a trend to buy seasonal Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions to give a better “wintery” mood to our pets’ pictures…

Plenty of Pinterest users want to keep up with the latest trends, so if you have a current trends board that you update regularly, you can grab a lot of followers.

Every time you update this board, you’re distributing pins of your most popular or newest items for followers to see, increasing the chance that they’ll repin and share them with their own followers and the rest of the Pinterest world.

Thanks largely to the sense of urgency, current trends boards are a great way to feature your products and drive sales on Pinterest. The only struggle with this type of board is that you need to update it consistently. If you don’t, your “trending now” theme will become outdated, and you’ll lose user interest and followers quickly.

Stay on top of your current trends board to increase followers with content that is important and timely now.

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

To stay always on top of that I personally use Tailwind app, and it is surely the best automated way to pin relevant pins at the right moment of the day, when users are mostly active on Pinterest.

You can grab your free month and give Tailwind a try here.

You will see the difference between manual pinning and automated scheduling!

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

Feature How-To Ideas to Draw In DIYers

As a site full of recipes, home décor and style recommendations, Pinterest hosts a large amount of DIY content. You can learn how to wear a pashmina 20 different ways, make an apple pie from scratch and update your kitchen with nothing more than spray paint and super glue (though, for the record, not all ideas are necessarily advisable).

It’s no secret that Pinterest and many of its pinners love the DIY and how-to ideas that show up all over the site. It makes sense that a how-to board can help attract followers quickly.

As per a pet photography niche like mine, feature specific instructions and pins about how to use a DSLR or a Full Frame Camera, as Canon and Nikon do in their How-To boards that show the best techniques for using their products.

You can also have a how-to board that doesn’t necessarily highlight specific productsbut provides content that your audience might find useful.

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

How-to boards are a great way to engage your audience and provide them with relevant content that can pique their interest in both you and your products, whether they do so directly or indirectly.

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Partner with Guest Pinners to Widen Your Reach

Boards featuring guest pinners offer several benefits when you’re trying to create boards that users will want to follow.

The first benefit is that guest pinners offer a new, fresh perspective. They’re often experts in the niche of the board they’ve been invited to help create, and are able to provide new ideas or perspectives for content that your business may not have thought of.

Even if that’s not the case, you’re getting the credibility of someone who is likely a recognized authority on your board, which can draw some attention on its own.

how to improve your pinterest boards, How to Improve Your Pinterest Boards, EMGPhotography

Guest pinners also can bring some of their audience to your board, potentially increasing the eyes on your content and the amount of repins.

Guest pinners can bring a lot of benefits in the form of a new perspective and new users, all while creating the content themselves, thus saving you at least one board’s worth of work.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating these four types of boards into your Pinterest marketing strategy and tailoring them to fit your business, you can increase your followers, engagement, repins and reach within the platform.

What do you think? What types of Pinterest boards do you create to increase followers? What types of boards have performed well for you? Share your thoughts, knowledge and experience in the comments below!

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