How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography
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How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea

As many of you already know, I use Tailwind to schedule my pins and keep my boards safe from spamming. It’s time for me to tailor a deep review of this app so you can also know how Tailwind changed my blogging idea.

How Tailwind Changed my Blogging Idea and boosted my Pinterest boards…

You can find a lot of reviews about this app simply googling “Tailwind App“, and maybe this will be another one of them, but my time is precious as yours and, if I can help my readers some way, this may be your focus point to consider adding Tailwind to your blog’s daily activities.

Please note, this post contains affiliate links so make sure you read my disclosure to have more info about them and how I use them.
How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography

In this post not only I’m going to explain to you what is Tailwind and what it can do for you, but also I will explain how it worked for me and how it can make your pinning easier.

Almost every Blogger has a Pinterest account. But also an Instagram and a Facebook one… but in this article, I will concentrate on the Pinterest side, due my first three months’ goal is reaching popularity on Pinterest and gain traffic from there…

Here’s a hidden tip: try to fix goals while planning your Blog growth.

If you’re a starter, make sure to read my tutorial on how to properly start a Blog here.

But let’s dig into today’s post.

Tailwind and Pinterest: What is Their Connection?

Pinterest is NOT a social media. On this platform, you can search and find items directly from other people sharing your same interests… more than a social media, Pinterest is a social engine

Pinterest is the right place to find the answers to your daily problems. People share the solutions, and you easily find them!

That’s why almost every Blogger uses Pinterest: a Pin is worth a thousand words. Pinning pages from your blog on your boards and sharing on groups is the best way to grow your audience and lead traffic to your blog.

As a hobbyist pet photographer, I desperately need traffic because I need exposure, clients, and visitors that can share my pictures so make my exposure go viral.

Going viral means that a lot of people come and see your blog and read your posts, in search of an answer to their questions.

Having answers will make them share for others with the same issue, and so on… so you get known quickly.

But Pinterest can also be time-consuming, for three main reasons:

  1. you need to post relevant content with consistency;
  2. you need to pin always fresh content;
  3. you need to be aware of your audience and the best time you can reach it.

Doing this manually is very very hard!

And here it comes Tailwind!

Average best practice about pinning consistently recommends pinning almost 30-50 pins per day to stay safe and gain visibility.

I am actually pinning 40 per day and I’m sure that doing it manually would be like banging my head on a wall!

Tailwind is Pinterest’s official app for automatic pinning at the best time and with consistency, being safe from spamming and refreshing your content from time to time!

This fabulous app is so powerful that it can detect the best times your audience is reachable, the best pinning frequency according to Pinterest’s best practices and allows you to post on multiple boards without caring about frequency (they do it all for you).

But let’s go with an order…

How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography
My Tailwind Profile Performance since I started to today

As you can see in the chart here, I joined Tailwind app on 29 January (started my blog one week before), and since then thanks to it my Pinterest pinning has had organic growth to today.

And this without any stress from my side: I simply scheduled my blog posts and set them to be daily pinned on autopilot.

Tailwind Optimizes Pinning Times

How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography
A sample of my actual pinning times

As I said, I started slowly but in a single month, I was able to reach my 40 pins per day on a nice timely schedule automatically suggested by the app.

The Tailwind app has what’s called a Smart Schedule. With this, you can set how many times you want to pin within a day. Once you give Tailwind this information, it will create a Weekly Pinning Schedule for you based on engagement data.

This means that your visitors see your pins at optimal times, enhancing the potential of your engagement and exposure.

Tailwind Has Unparallel Analytics

While on Pinterest you have in-built analytics, Tailwind offers a wide range of analytics that allow you to understand your recent progress.

The Weekly Summary lets you see your recent progress. Including your current week’s amount of repins compared to your average and previous week.

A quick summary of recent pins people have shared from your website. Plus track how many followers you’re gaining and recent comments you have.

And those are just the Weekly Summary stats!

There’s even more analytics within the Insights section of the Tailwind app. Get Profile Performance stats. Track how each of your boards is doing, including group boards! Dig in deeper with individual pin stats using the Pin Inspector. Plus, discover what’s being pinned from your website. You can even connect your Google analytics to Tailwind to get even more stats.

You may be thinking that this sounds like a lot of information. Perhaps too much. Well, don’t worry Tailwind has an easy guide on how to understand your Pinterest traffic using Tailwind!

Which actually leads me to my next point.

Tailwind Has a Super Support

Their support not only helps you fully understand every single feature of the app, but also offers a quality amount of resources:

  • you can reach the knowledge base to learn how to use the app itself;
  • you have a supportive video guide to learn at your own pace;
  • you can access useful Pinterest guides for free to understand perfectly how to get the most from this social engine;
  • you can enroll in a free webinar for a comprehensive setup of your Pinterest space.

At least, you will want now to give Tailwind a try!

How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography

This is a free gift from me: claim it and you’ll have a full month for free! Start now and decide later on if to follow on upgrading to one of their worth-it plans (monthly one or annual one – this last is best due to the special discount included, and it’s also what I went for).

How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography
If you liked this post and want to share it, feel free to Pin this!

Save Time Scheduling Pins Across Multiple Boards With Board Lists

While I’m writing this, Tailwind is pinning for me, allowing me to dedicate my time producing quality content without having to trouble about sharing my older posts again and again…

I can generate my own Boards List, and should I modify a board on Pinterest, Tailwind will synchro my list to fit perfectly the social engine.

I can choose Boards List to multiple post the same pin on different related boards without doing this one by one.

Time-saving again!

Think of it this way – a board list can schedule 1 pin to multiple boards with a single click once the list has been set up.

Example: you have a pin related to blogging. And you want to pin it to all 10 of your blogging Group Boards. You can simply create a Board List with these 10 group boards on it.

Once you set it up once you can reuse it as much as you like. Every time you want to add a blogging pin to these 10 Group Boards, you need to only add the Board List once. Instead of having to manually find, click, and add in each of those Group boards 10 times!

And these are NOT all the features of Tailwind app. You can do tons of things more…

But how I have learned to use it properly? Well, that’s my secret too…

Ok, ok… so why not to share with you?

My Secret For Learning the Power of Tailwind

Before discovering it, I was manually pinning and today I can tell you clearly I wouldn’t be able, alone, reaching my actual result (or almost not in a single month and NOT sitting on my laptop just to write my blog posts).

A day is 24 hours, and I spend the major part of my time with my dogs and taking pictures for my clients, having to work on postproduction too.

If I consider I also have a family and a house to care for, this 24 hours reduce to 6 to work on my blog, sponsor my post, answer emails, plan the weekly blogging activity and be active on my socials…

What if I had to spend the whole day manually pinning? I could not stand at all.

Then I discovered a powerful tool:

How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, How Tailwind Changed My Blogging Idea, EMGPhotography

This eBook was really helpful and inspiring learning the power of Pinterest.

I promise to update my statistics very soon, but in the meanwhile take a look at my blogging activity from my first month following the tips included in this eBook.

Now I can serenely sit and see how the strategies included helped me increase my account’s exposure and how the information provided in it improved my pinning skills.

Special Gift for You to Grab this eBook!

i’m sharing my fabulous $5 discount for you to buy this ebook! simply add the code “tsa5off” at checkout after adding it to cart through this link!

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