Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram

Hello folks! If you landed here you’re surely searching for top suggestions on 2020 Dog Photography Trends on Instagram. You landed the right place!

All of you surely have Instagram accounts where you share your super dog shootings and hashtags… and here is this post, to guide you through the top 4 trends of 2019 on Instagram for Dog Photography!

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

But before showing you these, I will also give you some advice on how to make your dog photography Instagram feed famous.

Think about What Makes your Pics Unique

What is it about your dog photography that will make it stand out and leave a lasting impression? If it’s not a physical attribute of your subject, consider your dog model’s (or pet in general) quirks or cute antics that made you laugh during the shooting.

Instagram is the place every dog photographer should be, and right Instagram hashtags are really needed to make your photography stand out of the crowd!

More than anything, Instagram social media is a place for you to share what you love about your photography with the world. Plus, you desperately need to discover Instagram dog photography trends to improve your exposure and grow your audience.

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

Post consistently

Don’t go overboard with 30 identical selfies of your model within a week, but if you want to grow a steady following, stick to one or two posts a day. Test timing windows to determine the optimal time for you to put up photos for the most engagement. The more dedicated you are to documenting your photographic’s life, the more loyal your followers will be.

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You can actually turn your Instagram into a money-making machine with your photography posts… the secret is spending some time in understanding trends and using the right hashtags!

…or, if you want, you can use Instagram posts to lead people to your photography blog.

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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

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Practice taking photos

Animal models are definitely a non-easy topic… they tend to move frequently and a shooting session can become very stressing both for photographer and owner… much harder is finding the perfect Dog Photography Trends on Instagram to shoot accordingly!

If you don’t practice both on your camera and your models, it will be not so easy to shoot a decent picture… so the keyword is practice, practice, and practice.

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Post-production can help, but cannot make miracles on a mid-quality shot 🔮 – it’s not magic…

Sure, you may never be the Annie Leibovitz of dog photography, but it pays to take a lot of practice shots. The fun part of being a “stage mom” for your Insta-pups is that it gives you an excuse to create shots and go on impromptu adventures with your best friend. Play around with natural lighting, capture your dog’s brilliant smile, and unleash your inner creative!

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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
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Harness the power of #hashtags

Some say you can go overboard with hashtags, but especially when you’re starting out, they’re a great way to get noticed…

The following ones are my suggestions on the Dog Photography Trends on Instagram!

And here we are to the true topic of our post

1. #tonguesouttuesday or simply #TOT

Let your dog model be a dog… Commonly also captioned with #TOT, the best time to capture this shot is when your model is panting after a run.

📝 SIDE NOTE: your pup might sit still for longer than usual after a tiring job. You can also give him a treat to get him licking his chops.

And the fun doesn’t stop on Tuesdays…

Check out also #muttbuttmonday and #wetdogwednesday too!!!

💡 PRO-TIP: Try shooting with a wide aperture. This will create a shallower depth of field, which blurs the background behind your pup and draws the viewer’s eye to the areas of the image that are in focus (in this case their tongue).
Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

2. #dogsinblankets

Who doesn’t love to snuggle up with their pooch? The #dogsinblankets trend is still up-and-coming, so it’s a good time to get ahead of the curve. It captures dogs in a typically human situation. Grab a blanket, quilt, or throw and create the same cozy vibes as the doggie here in this lovely family setting. 

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
💡 PRO-TIP: First, use a camera with built-in image stabilization to avoid camera shake. As your pup probably won’t sit still for long, try using a faster shutter speed to freeze movement. Just remember to pair it with a wide aperture lens (F2.8 or wider) to make sure you capture enough light for good exposure.

3. #dogsimba

Another rising trend in the Instagram world for you to take full advantage of. Think “Lion King” and raise your pup high in the sky against a stunning natural scene. Expose your shot based on the background to maximize its effect. With both dog and view in focus, you can elicit maximum cuteness and wanderlust all at once

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
💡 PRO-TIP: Consistency in your social feed is key. Use similar filters and camera settings so your images have a recurring aesthetic and style.

4. #dogsincars

Calling all furry road trip companions! Most dogs are at their happiest in cars, so it’s no surprise that the camera – and Instagram – love #dogsincars. To pull this shot off, it’s helpful to have someone hold your dog in position. Just remember that some states have laws about dogs being crated in cars so you’ll have to shoot in a stationary vehicle. 

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
💡 PRO-TIP: Keep treats and squeaky toys handy so it’s easy to hold your dog’s attention.

Pup-parazzi pointers, beware…

Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
Pin this for later!

It takes more than a cute pooch and trending hashtags to make a splash on social media. You’ll need high-quality photos and personality-filled captions to help build your pet’s persona. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Create a shot list around your concept. Your dog may not be willing to pose for long, so you’ll want a plan of attack.
  • Diffused natural light is the most flattering for pets. Outside is best but if you’re inside, shoot next to a window.
  • Shutter speed is super important in dog photography. Higher shutter speed will freeze your pup’s action and a lower shutter speed will capture movements, like a wagging tail.

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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

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Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography
Dog Photography Trends on Instagram, EMGPhotography

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