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I’m glad you landed into my personal photography blog and I want to share a little about me, myself and my little world…

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About Me

This place is for passionate pet photographers and bloggers: about me!

For years I’ve been in pet photography publishing in a random and unorganized order on my social pages my photos; this had a main recurring issue: nobody was able to recognize my work just because it was totally unorganized in any way.

I justified myself telling that I was so unorganized due it’s not my primary job, so no need to post with order and regularly.

But soon I realized the interest of my public was true, and decided to publish a Facebook page on my works, that to be honest now I have to re-organize, maturing skills and having a better plan of what I’m going to post and share…

About Me

I also have a Instagram account for my Photography that I keep posted regularly and a Pinterest profile that I use also to share my posts about Photography and useful tips.

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About Me

You can also reach me on other socials that I’m going to share with you in this page just if you want to take a look to my profiles…

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