9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography
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9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money

Email list building is everything for your online business. As a pet photographer, also if mine is simply a passion, I desperately need a list of contacts to grow my audience and let them out know I’m here for their pets! So, take into account reading these 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money!

9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography
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If you’re interested in conversion and business growth in general, the number one thing you should be wondering about RIGHT NOW is how to grow your email list.


Email is the most universally used way to sponsor activities. It is better than social media for this purpose. The mailing list gets far more conversions than any other platform. It’s a direct line to your audience.

I know these assertions may surprise you, but consider the following:

  • according to AdWeek, Twitter click-through rates (CTR) get drastically worse the more followers you have;
  • the CTR for Facebook ads isn’t much better unless a figure like 0,07% looks promising to you;

Email is an ace in the deck!

2.6 billion people worldwide use email, while only 1.7 billion use Facebook, the largest social network.

Without any doubt, email marketing leads to a bigger, opted-in, targeted audience, which leads to more reach, which leads to more reach, which leads to more conversions.


In my experience, email list building is easier if the provider is easy to use.

That’s why I recently decided to switch from Mailchimp to MailerLite… this last one is not only cheaper but the best to be used from beginners.

This said I’m offering you a super occasion!

Try MailerLite for free NOW!

Here it is a $20 credit for you!

How to Grow your Email List: 9 Tactics to Try

So, if you’re here, you may want me to reveal my secrets to grow your mailing list as I did…

Of course, you can do it, as easily as I myself did… Hit the ground running with some of the following tactics.

PS: I also ask you to subscribe to mine and let me know in comments how did it go… do you accept the challenge? Let’s exchange our emails!

If you accept, here’s a free gift for you: my 5 tips to boost your blog traffic!

9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography

Use Lead Magnets to Draw in Subscribers

Lead Magnets are “an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information”.

That pretty much sums it up. A lead magnet is essentially a piece of content that you offer for free. The catch is the prospect has to give you their email address in order to get it/download it/access it/etc. That content piece could be anything. It might be a guide, an eBook, an email course, or a white paper.

The point is, you’re offering value in exchange for value.

Here are some top tips for making sure you’re offering lead magnets that people will want to hand over their details for.

Tips for Creating Good Lead Magnets

  1. Be specific. Your lead magnet content needs to address a specific problem that a specific segment of your audience may have.
  2. Provide a solution. Your lead magnet needs to give a valuable solution to the problem.
  3. Forget length. Your lead magnet doesn’t have to be lengthy to be useful. In fact, Digital Marketer says longer-form content is often least likely to convert. Your eBook, for example, doesn’t have to be a novel – it can be 20 pages or less! The same goes for any other form of content. Think shorter.
  4. Provide quick benefits. Within minutes of opening up your lead magnet and digesting the content, your prospect should immediately benefit. This can mean increased knowledge or insights, or some other gain. It shouldn’t take months or even weeks. At the very most, it should take days.

What Types of Lead Magnets Should You Use?

There is no single perfect lead magnet. The right type of content “bonus” you offer your readers depends on their preferences, your business, and other factors.

That said, here are some solid ideas for starters.

  • Cheat sheets – A cheat sheet gives your audience a list of steps to check off for a certain task. Whatever it is, they won’t have to remember the right steps in the right order. They can just look at your cheat sheet!
  • Checklists – A checklist is similar to a cheat sheet, but it’s a simpler one that’s generally shorter. Instead of steps, you might list the tools or resources needed for a task.
  • Comprehensive resource lists – Where do you get all the good stuff that helps you in your business on a daily basis? Think apps, websites, downloads, or lists where you’re compiling information to save the audience research time.
  • Guides – Guides go deeper than cheat sheets. They’re step-by-step, but they take time to carefully explain those steps in more detail. They provide the how and why behind the process.
  • Prompts – Prompts are little snippets that can spark creativity. You can provide these to help your audience with idea generation for any topic.
  • Short eBooks – If you have an incredible benefit or solution to a problem you can write about with authority, a short eBook is a good format for it.
  • Tutorials – Show your audience how to do something cool and valuable. Offer them a video tutorial, or create a PDF document with illustrated steps.
9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography
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Invest in Evergreen Content

Evergreen content stays fresh, sweet-smelling, and tasty for months or even years after you make it (unlike those leftovers that sat in your fridge for merely a week before going bad).

Your evergreen content can be a wonderful lead-in for growing your email subscribers. But first, you have to create it and promote it.

Ideally, your lead magnets should be evergreen content that has no expiration date. They should be useful not just this instant, but also in six weeks, in six months, and in a couple years.

This is content that keeps working hard for you.

For example, my best evergreen was and still is my 10 days FREE email course for pet photographers

If you’re here, you probably are in my same niche, so why don’t you try this out?

9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography

Use CTAs on EVERY Relevant Blog Post

This is one of the tips I personally rely on like crazy. Once you have a lead magnet, you need to direct traffic to it. You can do this easily by including a CTA at the end of every related (or relevant) blog post.

Your CTAs should be simple, short, snappy, and make readers want to go do whatever you’re “calling” them to accomplish. Indeed, a commanding CTA is the extra push a reader might need to follow through.

Never write a blog post without including a matching call-to-action. Even if you’re not linking to a lead magnet (you can also link to a service page, for instance), it’s how you add ROI to your content. The authority and trust you’re building, and the value you’re providing with a good blog make it the perfect lead-in to ask the reader to go one step further.

Think of every blog post as a conversion tool, basically. You’re continually building up your relationship with your audience so they’ll become a lead. You’re nurturing trust.

But, the best way to turn blogs into conversion tools is to include that CTA tied to your lead magnet.

Connect Your Lead Magnet and CTAs to a Specific Opt-In Landing Page

So, you created an evergreen lead magnet. You urged readers to go get your content for free through a call-to-action on a related blog. Now it’s time to connect all the dots.

Your lead magnet (and your lead magnet CTA) needs a corresponding landing page with a form. This is what the CTA points to. It sweeps readers away to a magical place where you collect their email addresses in exchange for the content.

This is far easier to do if you use an email marketing software. If you don’t have it, get it – it’s a must.

Try Gated Content to Turn Blog Posts into Lead Magnets

Here’s another idea. Try gating some of your content to get email subscriptions.

This simply means that part of a blog post is hidden. For instance, 1/3 of the post is available to read, but when readers reach that limit, they’re blocked off from reading any further unless they enter their email address to “unlock” the content.

This is an easy tip because you can use the content you already have. Just remember that gated content needs to be highly valuable, well-written, and informative in order to give the reader the expected payoff.

In other words, if the blog post is mediocre, your readers won’t be happy. (“I entered my email for this crap?” is the last thing you want them to utter after hitting “submit.”) Don’t gate just any content – gate some of your best, most awesome, in-depth content.

Remember, we’re trading value-for-value, here. The reader’s email is worth a lot to you, so return the favor.

When done right, you’ll give your audience the option to unlock a great blog post with lots of good insights, tips, or information. They’ll be scrambling to give you their details. This is how you turn a blog post into a lead magnet!

9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography

Create “Hub Pages” for Your Most-Blogged-About Topics

It could be another idea to group your posts under a “topic”…

Another way to turn blog posts into lead magnets: gather them together by topic on “hub pages,” as Help Scout calls them.

A hub page is just what it sounds like. It’s a hub for all of your best blog posts that fall under one topic.

This is all well and good, you may think, but how do you turn hub pages into lead magnets?

Add the CTA! 

The CTA appeals to those who might be browsing this knowledge base of SEO information.

For your hub page CTA, you might want to include an opt-in form where visitors can enter their email address in return for updates on when you publish that type of content.

Not only are hub pages incredibly useful for your audience, but they can also showcase your awesome blog posts that might otherwise be buried in your archives. Win-win!

Use CTAs in Your Guest Posts

Do you frequently guest post on different industry sites?

Depending on what the site allows, make sure you’re taking advantage of the extra platform and include a CTA with your post.

Link your CTA in your byline to a custom landing page just for that guest post. This makes a lot of sense if you’re posting somewhere with a higher profile and the potential for plenty of readers. On the landing page, welcome those readers, offer a freebie, and ask for their details in exchange. Done.

You’re already focused on creating high-quality guest posts to draw people back to your brand. Use these posts to intrigue new readers and get them to subscribe. Linking to a few key places that feature you and your services is a great place to start.

Make Sure Your CTAs Are Irresistible

There’s a lot of CTA talk in this guide, but what if your CTA-writing skills aren’t so great?

Well, you need to get better.

There’s lots of advice out there on how to write a dynamite CTA. However, to figure out what works best with your audience and your business, testing can help immensely.

Experiment with different types, wording, and graphic elements to see which CTA comes out on top.

Bonus: Add Opt-In Forms and CTAs Wherever You Can Get Away With It

Before giving you this last tip, would you mind challenging and giving me the possibility to grow mine? 🙂

9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, 9 Tips to Rock Your Mailing List and Convert Contacts into Money, EMGPhotography

Once you optimize your content for gathering email subscriptions and growing your list, remember to stay creative with your asks.

Yes, write engaging CTAs, but don’t forget to give your audience as many chances to opt-in as possible. Don’t stop short of being annoying about it – seriously, sometimes you have to be annoying to get results. (Depending on how you look at it, annoying often only means persistent.)

On your site, experiment with CTA placement and opt-in forms.

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Veterinary Surgeon, Labrador Breeder and passionate pet photographer. Blogger for hobby in spare time. I like everything regarding nature and its shapes.


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