7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography
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7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby

Over two years ago I started my travel into Pet Photography, mostly for necessity, due I am a Labrador Breeder for passion and I needed good quality pictures of my dogs to post onto my Kennel Website. But now I’ll give you 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby I found useful to boost my hobby and let it become a serious thing…

The purchase of a new camera was a turning point, where my love for capturing moments with my pets became a real hobby.

Here I want to share with you my 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby and how I went on earning some bucks from it.

✋ Please read this: in this article I deal with photography matters and there can be included some affiliate link, for you to reach the best deals on photography items. So please read my disclosure about this.
7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography

1.You can Start from Any Level, at Any Age and with Any Camera

Taking pictures is something personal, is an art. You don’t need a fancy camera, you can also start with your smartphone; you don’t need a creative background to start taking pictures and making improvements. I’ve seen a lot of amazing photos taken with a phone camera or with a simple bridge camera.

There are lots of easy and fun things to learn about composition, light, exposure and editing that will easily and quickly take anyone’s photo to the next level.

I wrote some useful articles you can start from to learn how to start in pet photography with ease:

Do you love taking pictures with your Smartphone and post them on Instagram?


From a personal side, and to be honest, I never considered myself a creative and a talented one. I had a simple necessity: take pictures of my own dogs to be able to show them on the website to potential puppy buyers. A professional photographer could be a good solution, also, but I needed to have someone handy and at my disposal, and with pros this is not always possible.

Plus, I have many dogs, so my expenses would be too much and in my money plan for dogs it wasn’t worth it…

Photographing my dogs alone has really helped me to discover and develop a side of me I neither knew it existed.

7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography

2.It’s a Healthy Challenge

There are endless ways to challenge yourself with pet photography; you can always learn something new. There is no shortage of new techniques, genres, projects, equipment, inspiration and workshops to take in this field.

I’ve spent a lot of time devouring photography informations and I still know I’ve not yet finished. If you need something to start from here there are 10 books you can read to learn pet photography.

But why I say that pet photography is healthy? Not only it stimulates your mind to find new ways of expressing your style, but leads you to GO OUT with your dog or cat and walk in the fields searching for the best place where to capture a super moment with your furry model. You can invite your friends to join and share the experience, and all this is exciting and stimulating!

Pet photography makes me also much more observant, and through my lens I can notice my dogs’ features I am not able to see “live”.

For example, to laugh a bit, I never noticed one of my dogs had a very very small white spot on his chest until I didn’t take a picture of him sitting in front of my camera and… POP!… I discovered it! And I actually bred him!!! 😄

With photography as a hobby, I always want to get my dogs out doing something. Even if it is just walking a walk or setting up something in the backyard, I know that us doing anything together will give me opportunities to practice and capture great memories.

7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography

3.There are No Restrictions

One thing I love about being a passionate pet photographer is that I have the freedom to create the pictures I want without any limitations. I have no customers in front of my lens that will ask me to show them the shooting result, after a session. My dogs (and my friends’ ones) are happy the same just because we enjoyed time outside!

People asking me to shoot for them (for their pets, obviously, 😉 ) leave me free to produce shots that express a part of me and another part of their pet, because pets offer you a wide range of possibilities: from the nose to the tail!

Following are some useful opportunities to evaluate to grow as a photographer and eventually make a profit from it I suggest to try:

7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography

4.Pet Photography documents Your Pet’s Life

…and actually connects with others… photography helps you capture anything you feel important to remember of your or someone else’s pet. One photo is powerful enough to not only remind you of a single moment or detail, but can bring you back into the feelings, sounds, and even the smell of that moment with your pet.

Owners usually want exactly this when they book a session with you!

remember to consider this when pricing your shooting sessions…

There are also so many ways to make your pet photos tangible for your clients. You can, for example, suggest your client to have a web-based digital photo frame in his own kitchen that easily allow to load a lot of photos of their pet throughout the day!

Everyone loves pets and good photography, so taking in account to start a pet photography hobby is an easy way to connect to people. I love to be able to share lovely moments with pets through my photos.

I also cannot say enough about how supportive and inspiring I’ve found pet photography communities, such as Instagram.

Here there are some tips for you to improve your pet photography Instagram exposure.

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with those around the world who share the same interest in learning to capture their pets in a better way.

5.Seeing your Improvement will Give You Motivation

Pet photography is a hobby that you can make improvements quickly and see your progress easily. If you line up your photos next to each other from time to time, you will surely notice those changes.

You can also decide to enroll in my same course to improve more quickly and learn how to use postproduction tricks.

I personally had the chance to see how much better I am now, seeing some of my favorites each month, and this gives me the extra bit of motivation to keep clicking away.

6.It will Bring You Joy (and Money!)

As I previously said, you can learn a new way of being happy enjoying time out with the furry tails and friends, but also you can make some extra money both from selling your pictures on the web (I do it through Dreamstime for example).

This month I sold a picture that I took 5 years ago, and it was in my old laptop waiting for me to take the dust off… and it actually is a very good stock photo that sells:

7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, 7 Reasons Why to Start a Pet Photography Hobby, EMGPhotography

This picture, as you can see in the top right corner under the title, has been sold 122 times at the price of $0.42. Maths do the count: $51.24 made with only a single picture… and I sold lots more…

Think about choosing Dreamstime to sell yours too!

Click here for a plan and an account submission!

7.It Makes Your Dreams Come True

Pet photography isn’t only a good way to enjoy your time in a different way, and also not only a profitable business…

Pet Photography is for sure the simplest way to see the world in its different colors and shapes, and in some ways makes your dreams come true simply doing what you love.

You can try to improve your style and produce a series of pictures that reflect your personal view of this niche.

I deeply suggest taking a look at the best Postproduction Creative Cloud from Adobe (that includes, in a cheap Photography Plan, a series of apps helping to improve your workflow quality and time).

Click here for trying the Photography Suite

If you have a suggestion or simply want to share your Pet Photography experience with me, I am always glad to receive your comments here below. Also, if you want, simply share this article with your friends!


Veterinary Surgeon, Labrador Breeder and passionate pet photographer. Blogger for hobby in spare time. I like everything regarding nature and its shapes.

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