5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography
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5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth

When it comes to driving more traffic to your website, there are several strategies that you can employ that won’t cost you a dime. From SEO and social media to emails and contests, you can essentially gain enough traffic from these free methods to make the return on your investment well worth it. Anyway, I can’t be more honest now… I’m giving you 5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, especially if your Blog is very young.

First of all, my recent experience:

if you’re new to the blogging world, you may not know that blogging can be a profitable thing; you cannot surely expect to become rich night-to-day but it is possible to be in a budget starting a blog!

Here it is a detailed article on how to start a blog from scratch for beginners. Whatever your niche is, consider reading this before reading this one!

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography
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Starting my own blog, I was totally confused about how to plan a profitable writing schedule. So, I decided to learn a bit before launching myself into the internet mouth, and landed on this FREE resource:

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography

In brief, the following are the 3 essential steps you have to make before starting your own making-money blog:

Figure out the why, the what and the who…

If you’re reading this, you are probably pretty adamant about starting your own blog. And I want to cheer you on because I think that’s truly amazing!

But before we get into the more technical aspects of how to do that I need you to grab a piece of paper and answer these three simple questions:

WHY do you want to start a Blog?

Are you just looking for a creative outlet? Do you want to inspire and connect with people that have the same interests as you? Do you want to make money from it or use it as a tool to draw more attention to your online store?

There is no right or wrong answer here! But you need to define the role of your blog the best you can before you actually get started. This will help with step two as well.

WHAT do you want to blog about?

Before you start a blog, you need to figure out what topics you’re going to approach in your posts. This is also known as your blogging niche and it’s going to determine the entire concept of your blog, your online role, and your blog title.

For me, this took a lot of experimentation as I didn’t know precisely what I wanted to blog about when starting out. Narrowing it down as you go along is 100% fine.

If you already know what you want to blog about, make a list of your main blogging sub-categories (What do you want to be known for, more exactly?) and start thinking of some blog posts ideas!

I started, for example, with my pet photography passion and sometimes I help other bloggers with tips on blogging. So my actual niches are two: pet photography and blogging.

I try to maintain viable both of them!

WHO do you want to blog for?

If you’re only planning to blog for yourself and you don’t care who reads it or who you can help, I would suggest saving your money, time and effort and putting it all in a diary or starting a free blog.

But if you actually want to reach out to people, build your brand or help someone face a problem that you previously solved, narrowing down who your dream audience is can be crucial. So think about it for a minute!

Brainstorm who can benefit from your awesome experience and creativity (because I know you have both!) and make a list of people that you truly believe you can help with your blog.

Writing the answers down on an actual piece of paper and thinking through them can bring clarity to your idea and help it come to life. But most importantly, they are going to speed along the process of starting your blog on the right path.

Already started?

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography

Simply filling this form will gift you with a free resource to grow your blog traffic in a glance!

Before digging into this article’s real topic, let me give you one more tip!

I found very useful for me reading this E-book and following its suggestions I grew my audience with ease!

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography

You will benefit from a $30 discount in contents! Believe me, it’s totally worth it!

But now, let’s come to the matter…

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography

I’m telling you this because, recently, I decided to invest $15 in Facebook paid advertising, to test my blog audience and let people know about my Blog.

However, if your business has a budget for marketing expenses, you may want to consider putting it to good use and utilize the various online paid advertising options available, not only Facebook.

Paid marketing has proven to be extremely useful in many instances, and will be sure to bring you a ton of traffic. Here are five reasons why you should consider utilizing paid advertising to drive more traffic to your site.

No matter what kind of marketing budget that you have, you are sure to find a paid advertising solution that will fit your needs. With lower budget offerings, you may have less of a reach, than with a higher budget, but it will still bring a significant amount of traffic to your site. Make sure you do your research to determine the best option that will fit within your budget.

For the most part, a majority of the paid advertising options are automated. The only thing that you will need to spend time completing is the initial setup of your campaign. After you set your campaign up, make the payments, and finalize how long it will run, the program will take over, and you can just sit back and watch the traffic flow.

With the other forms of marketing, there is an unknown element. There is no guarantee that people will find your site through social media or search engines. With paid advertising, there is a higher degree of predictability, and you have ensured a good return on your investment.

As you get more traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate, you can start to increase your budget and see a better return on your investment.

Want to know more?

5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography
5 Reasons Why Paid Advertising is Good for Blog Growth, EMGPhotography

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