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10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions

Hi friends, here we are again with a new blog post, this time about 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions!

Tired about seeing the annoying and triple-used bunny amongst eggs or that ugly duckling roaming around?

Did you run out of ideas?

10 Ideas for Easter Pet Shootings

Don’t be worried. Here there are 10 Ideas for Easter Pet Shootings you can use to be original!

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography

First of all, let’s say that animals are NOT props. So please stop using them in your easter photography session as objects.

Easter is just around the corner and many photographers struggle in search of ideas about being original and not end up with the usual picture.

To be also said, Stock Photography websites are FULL of these annoying images of bunnies and chickens in a creamy pink and blue color… try to be original, please!

Our pets are the best in suggesting us a million ways to be so… with their candid nature they can provide our photography of tons of inspirations.

If you want, to start, here there are some tips about candid shots of pets, taken without their attention.

In this article, I will try to give you some original ideas to set up an Easter Session with pets, to satisfy your client and, in the meanwhile, stay original.

Like me, you should surely be aware of emulating other photographers, but for sure you may want to develop your personal style for seasonal projects.

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography
say simply NO to another shooting like this one

Focus on Subjects Rather Than on Season

I often see images in which it is preferred to focus attention on seasonal objects rather than on the subject.

Emphasizing the model is preferable to filling the environment with frills.

For example, instead of forcing a dog or cat to pose in the midst of colored eggs, it is preferable to take photos of two socializing animals: clicking a puppy that sniffs a chick will be much more impressive.

I was lucky to find inspirational pictures taken by a famous pet photographer: Warren Photographic can provide you a lot of quality ideas to find your way through easter with pets.

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography

This is an example of how he uses the fur colors to match the two models. And there’s the bunny too… so this is a super idea of using Easter as an occasion to be original!

The focus point here is for sure the subject, not only the occasion.

Pay Attention to Details

If you’re a classical studio-addicted for seasonal shootings, this tip is for you.

Easter sessions can be also conducted en-plain-air, but if you prefer it is obviously possible to opt for a studio session.

Outside you can for sure take advantage of the environment to enrich your shots, but things change when you’re inside and you don’t have all the needed props…

In my experience, I found a solution that is the cheapest and the best for this purpose: using photographic backdrops.

Here is a list of the ones I use for my studio sessions during Easter time.

Please note these are affiliate links and, should you end up making a purchase from I earn a commission at no extra cost for you. Make sure to read my disclosure to know more.

Give a Touch of Easter Color

For the themed-color lovers, you may want to use the seasonal colors to give a moody sensation to your pictures.

And, for Easter, seasonal colors are light pink, soft blue and yellow.

For my pictures, I choose to group some of my favorite Lightroom Presets in a Collection, and I use all of them also combining the various options provided:

Powered by Creative Market

Here it is if you want to choose one or more of them.

To know how to install Lightroom Presets on your Mobile and use them also with your smartphone, follow my tutorial here.

Stand Out of The Crowd: Organize Mini Sessions for a Discounted Price

Coming to marketing, it often happens that during seasonal times clients are in a rush to book their session.

Despite choosing for a full session, consider opting for a mini-session at a reduced price, so to be able to serve more clients.

We will discuss in another post about pricing a pet photo session, but for the moment I will concentrate on setting up mini-sessions and how to sponsor them between your audience to catch the attention of clients.

Powered by Creative Market

Like for baby mini-sessions, we can do the same for pets.

Use these templates to attract clients to your photography and price them a little bit less than the usual fee you ask for a regular session.

Just as an example, if you charge $120 for a 60 minutes regular session, you may want to consider reducing the session time to 30 minutes and discount the regular price of 40%… believe me, it’s worth it.

I have many clients asking much more for mini-session than for regular ones. It’s less time to shoot, but a bigger volume of clients your way!

Shoot Candidly

Like for Christmas, also if clients go for a mini-session, Easter has a certain amount of “prep-time” associated with the holiday that might take place a few days prior to the actual holiday.

For the Pet Photography business, this prep-time is reduced to bookings and choosing a location where to go for the shooting session… Nature will do the rest (and your post-production, too!).

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography

For sure you will not shoot at a dog dyeing an easter egg… LOL! But the candid shots also in this case are very useful.

Make sure to read my suggestions on how to take candid shots of pets here. Candid pictures are much more natural and are highly appreciated by clients.

Shoot with a longer lens (80mm or 100mm) in order to remain enough away to be unobtrusive, and still get tight framing.

Turn the mode dial to AV (Aperture Priority) mode, select a low ISO and a wide aperture. Let the camera choose the correct shutter speed for posing models.

If you’re struggling with these settings, make sure to grab my suggested Photography Masterclass here, to learn all the secrets to shoot like a pro.

Capture Expressions

Animals are an inexhaustible source of funny facial expressions, and this should be your focus point!

The 80-200mm zoom lens is perfect for this kind of shootings. It is good for the most flexibility and versatility (in terms of composition, depth of field and distance from subject).

Use the spot metering mode and meter on the pet’s nose.

Expressions can make or break a photograph, so this is why you want to take as many photos as you can and try not to be noticed by your subject.

Keep the aperture around f/4 or f/5.6 for the right amount of depth of field.

Make Sure you Use These Settings

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography

Easter is a daytime holiday experience; so make sure to:

  • keep the exposure between f/8 and f/16 (depending on where in the sky the sun is);
  • keep ISO at the lower for smooth images and less digital noise;
  • use fairly quick shutter speeds (1/125 to 1/250 suits well when dealing with posing models).

To know more about the best settings for animals in motion, instead, follow these tips from one of my recent articles.

Also, it will be very useful mastering how to use manual mode to take pet pictures properly.

Recommended Equipment

For the springtime shooting, you’ll need to have a couple of prime lenses, plus a wide-angle zoom, and I am giving you my suggested ones:

A 50mm lens

for group shots and family portraits with their pets

A 100mm lens

for close-ups with shallow depth of field

A zoom lens

for a powerful natural experience

Easter is for sure a fun holiday that mixes a religious core with a celebration of nature’s rebirth. That’s why many people ask for shooting at their pets in this season.

You may benefit as well from a walk in the fields… while doing what you love!

If you need to master your digital photography potential, here below you can grab my FREE Ebook about selling digital photos online: don’t lose this opportunity of learning more FOR FREE!

pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography
pet photography easter sessions, 10 Ideas for Pet Photography Easter Sessions, EMGPhotography

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